Columbia Pointe

Columbia Pointe Chicago, IL

Columbia Pointe is a 19-acre development site located in the historic Woodlawn neighborhood of Chicago. This $100 million project is master-planned for both market rate and affordable single family and multi-family buildings. Magellan Project Services has worked closely with the City of Chicago's Zoning and Land Use Planning Department, General Contractors, Architects, Engineers and consultants to prepare in-depth pro-formas, cost estimates, and presentation and sales documents. The phasing of work flow for this project is coordinated with CDOT and analyzed in order to accommodate the installation of new infra-structure into existing streets, and the development of the parcels to best accommodate environmental remediation work that is required. As the Owner's Representative of the project since 2005, Magellan Project Services has evaluated the continual changes in the real estate market in order to determine the best timing for the launch of the project.